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Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling Better Here

Thanks to all of you that sent well wishes, appreciate all our friends that are at a distance (that's where you want to be if you know of someone with this). We are ALL feeling a lot better, altho energy levels are still low. Depending on how accurate our home scales are vs the doctor's office, Mike figures he lost close to 20 lbs, and me around 5lbs. Maybe it was all water loss as I don't find my clothes fit too much different.

Mom felt well enough to head home yesterday, Mike's gone back to work. We just have to be extra careful in not over doing it and trying to get back to eating right. Mike made a nice chicken dinner last night, but after we each ate only 1/2 our plate, we looked at each other and said, 'nope that's about all'.

We are also hearing that getting this norovirus doesn't mean you can't get it again, even in another week! YIKES! Not news I wish to hear.

We're going through tons of antibacterial hand soap, hand lotion to rehydrate my washed hands and cleaning everything with either a javex solution or the doggie Quatsal-D solution that javex would ruin.

Back to catching up .....



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