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Monday, February 1, 2010

January 31, 2000 - "Rocky's" 10 Years Old

"Rocky" at 5 months of age.

Today, my 'Main Man' in our doggie word turns TEN years old. He is BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector, "Rocky". His dam is our coveted Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC (Register of Merit Canadian), having produced 6 Canadian Champions. That litter of 6 really kick-started our life in dogs as we had just moved to the country about 3 years prior and were finally getting set-up to manage more than a couple of dogs.

He was a dream dog to show in the ring, starting when he was just over 6 months of age. Even at such a young age, he was up to show for anyone as long as he knew who was at the end of the lead.

pictured at the SD&G show in Aug 2000 going Winners Dog

In November of 2000 at the Ottawa Kennel show he blew all of us out of the water with his wins as a Senior Puppy. The OKC show in the fall hosts the prestigious Show Of Shows the evening of the Saturday show. What it means is that all dogs who have won a Best in Show in the previous year are there to compete, and have to be entered in the regular show on the Saturday. So, "Rocky" was up against some pretty stiff competition .... 3 Best in Show Winners, who were also American Champions. "Rocky" not only took Winners Dog to finish, but went on to win the Breed, Group 4th in the adult competition and then on to win Best Puppy In Show!

"Rocky" winning at the OKC show - one of my biggest thrills!
We also headed that year out to Winnipeg where he garnered another Best of Breed/Puppy Group and a Group 4th.

In 2001, Purina started a program for all their ProClub members. It was called Purina Champions. There were some 500 entries that year, which a group of people had to select 20 winners, and "Rocky" was one of them! We spent a weekend down in Mississauga for a photo shoot, along with being well looked after. A calendar was produced for 2002 and "Rocky" was featured for the month of April. If you ever attend a Purina Sponsored show where they have their large booth (like the Purina National CKC Charity Event), you'll be able to see him displayed on their walls.
"Rocky" was #7 Top Sheltie Puppy for 2000!

Sherry & "Rocky" on their way to achieving his American Championship

He also spent a winter down in Florida with our good friend Dr Sherry Lee where she showed him to his American Championship. He was in tough competition throughout Florida, and the Carolina's, finishing in just 13 shows. My fav pic of him as an adult. This was taken down by the water in Kingston, Ontario.

Now retired, he spends his time at my feet wherever I am. If he's on the couch for a cuddle with Mike, he's fast to jump and follow me should I get up. He mostly sleeps at the side of my bed where I always have to watch as I get up that I don't step on him, or he'll sometimes use the dog bed. He can go anywhere, and be a gentleman .... my Ambassador of our breed for sure.


judyf,  February 1, 2010 at 11:04 AM  

Very nice write-up on your special boy "Rocky". Sis. "Amber" of course celebrated her birthday here, too. We are waiting for warmer weather to start working on her Novice Rally title. Meanwhile, she is enjoying the easy life indoors, away from the cold blast of winter winds.

Lauralee February 2, 2010 at 9:05 AM  

He has always been a special dog and I thank you both for sharing him with us. I was there for the OKC show where he did all that winning and it was so exciting to see this puppy going all the way. Rocky, Happy Birthday and many more!

Kav February 2, 2010 at 9:46 AM  

What a gorgeous boy! I love that first puppy photo -- he looks like he's laughing. I love a dog with a sense of humour.

Shelamo Shelties February 4, 2010 at 10:03 AM  

Hey LL! Yep, you were there for sure ... biggest hoots I've heard and bear hug when I came out of the ring :)

Shelamo Shelties February 4, 2010 at 10:04 AM  

Judy ... sis Ch Amber is showing these shelties can still do it and have fun in their older yrs ... keep up the fun!


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