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Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 1st & 2nd 2010 Adventures

We had an absolutely gorgeous New Year's Day evening. The temp was just below zero, with fluffy snow flakes falling. The trees with their dusting of snow made it SO beautiful. We also had a special visitor, Cheryl Pike of Maclaren shelties drove up to see the litter of Vista pups that are at Margaret Pratt's, Sharrow shelties. Cheryl presently has the sire, BISS Am/Cdn Ch Barwoods Jana JFK.But, THEN overnite, in less than 8 hrs, .... Boy did we go into a DEEP FREEZE with 30 km/hr winds! It went down to -28C with the windchill, crisping the air, frosting the vehicle windows, blowing snow over the roads, just a real shock to the system.

Saturday, Cheryl & I went over to Margaret's in the morning to see the pups, which we figure 3 of the 6 are ones we'd like to watch closely as to how they grow over the next several weeks.

Here's a picture Cheryl took of the 3 @ just under 6 wks of age l-r boy, girl, girl. Over all we are very pleased with the consistency of the litter.

It was a nice visit, I enjoyed the 'outside of Ottawa' doggie chit chat :)

For adventure in the afternoon Mike and I headed about 15 mins down the road to watch our nephew Alexander play at a hockey tournament. He plays goalie for his team, the Samurais.

They shoot!!! No goal. YEAH!!!!
Another try ... Alexander stops the puck!
AHHH ... guys did you see where that one went? (it's that black dot in the blue crease)
TG, no player was there to tap in for a goal. Hey defense guys where were you???
Watch that 5-hole Alexander!

Unfortunately they lost this game.
hummm better stop now ... it's time to do last potty run.



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