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Friday, November 25, 2011

Learning Really Starts to Ramp Up Now

Many people don't know how puppies start out day by day in their abilities, and how it starts to escalate week by week as they mature. Hopefully I can shed some light as we follow Tyme's litter along. I'll do my best to post these changes.

Tyme's pups are almost 5 wks and their abilities to do all kinds of things are starting to ramp up. They can't run, just waddle. They are just starting to explore spaces that are a bit larger, but that can be scary, each time they are out to play they get more confident. Toys are still small as they can't do too much damage with their tiny teeth and lack of jaw power. They don't know how to carry items yet either. Small toys that make noise, like rattles for babies is good. Just like babies, everything goes into their mouths.

They are still at the point that if they are uncertain, they will drop and stop, just as if they were in the wild and a bird of prey flew over head ... get down, stay low and still ... it's in their genetic make-up.

Bite inhibition starts now too as they play fight with one another.

They are still on softened puppy food mixed with baby pablum, although the percentage of soft puppy food is being increased each day. Mom is not with them on a regular basis now, but spends on/off time with them during the day, sleeping in her crate at night.

checking out the taste, texture of a shoe ~ does it squeak, yelp, with this amount of pressure? Let's try it.
human skin ... humm .. what's it taste like?
the MOP!!! funny smell ... texture ... OMG it can move! wonder if we can stop it?
What can I say ... Yes, I'll admit it, between the mop & the broom keeping their life tidy & clean - it's the only bad habit my puppies learn! Owners must 'undo' this once the puppy comes home or they'll help you house clean in ways you don't want. It's an easy fix with consistency.
hummm .... this moves and makes a noise


Kav November 25, 2011 at 6:24 PM  

Wow -- I didn't know about the drop and stop instinct, but it explains a lot! Elsie (Simba's sister who isn't with us any more) used to drop and stop whenever she wasn't sure what she should do. (This was often the fault of the person giving the commands -- moi!) Anyway -- she had this policy: when in doubt drop and stop!

All this time I was taking credit for teaching that one command really well when actually it was poor Elsie's instinctive coping strategy when faced with a confusing list of commands from her crazy owner. LOL.


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