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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tyme Pups 2.5 wks Old

Still a warm day for early November, the sun shining at the moment, so I took Tyme's pups out in 2 groups to get some pictures of them @ 2.5 wks of age. We've now progressed from Saturday with their eyes opening then, now their ears are opening and they are able to hold their heads up better. They still can't wag their tails! I had a hard time picking which pictures to put up.

3 of the smaller girls from Tyme's litter
sun feels so good
this pup now able to hold her head up is sniffing the air ~ one of the best things they do from birth
hello pretty one
the 2 larger girls
"Cocoa" named by the "take your kid to work day"



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