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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hoya - Indoor Glory

One of my favourite indoor plants at this time of year is my Hoya plant. It is a hanging one and has oblong green leaves. In the late spring to early summer tho it is spectacular not only in the flowers, but its fragrance! OH my, especially in the evenings, it is so sweet, it oozes out from our dining room ... unbelievable! Wish the web had a scent scratch pad :) The flowers are hard to explain as it's a bundle of them, gosh maybe some 40 stems on my variety that come together in a 1/2 moon shape hanging down.

Each individual stem then has a small flower bud which has about 4 layers placed on top of one another, glossy, almost waxy like, that are star shaped with a darker center one that is 'felt' like. Am hoping you can see in this pic some tindy (shiny) droplets that look like water but infact they are sticky. Below is a variation (of many) I found on the main Hoya Plant website.

Ooooo, this one is such a pretty ruby red colour! I might just have to (order) do more indoor gardening! Check them out ... they are easy to grow in good indirect lighting & easy to start from a shoot.



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