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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer BBQ Fun

Monday, really was the 1st day of any kind of decent, sunny, WARM 27C deg weather! SO nice after all the days of drizzly rain & clouds.

The Community Center where I teach dog obedience had a BBQ to kick off the summer fun. It was held at the home of the Director, in downtown Ottawa, just off our beautiful Rideau Canal.
When we got to the Canal there was a back-up of traffic to cross one of the bridges as it had been opened to allow a boat to go thru. At this point in the canal it is a lift bridge and you can just see the two master control towers on either side. It is one of many bridges that make up 125 miles of a boater's paradise and in winter, the longest outdoor skating rink of 4.5 miles. Wish I could have gotten a better shot, but once the bridge was down the traffic wasn't waisting anytime moving.

Below the canopy of large, old trees was an little piece of calmness. The waterfall attracted squirrles coming in for a drink ...
and birds like this Red Wing Black bird came in for a cleaning. The animals were so trusting, passing by in the backyard without, what seemed to be a care.
It was a small group this yr that were able to attend.
Judy put her BBQ skills to the test, making smoked cedar shake salmon ... YUMMMM!
Look forward to the summer's end BBQ at Everton's place and see how his BBQ competition skills are compared to Judy's! I also know his place is a gardener's envy.



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