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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Great Weather Weekend To Enjoy

On Saturday, Mary-Anne, Marylou and myself headed to the Carp Market not only for some shopping, but to sit and update my obedience lesson. A job I've just not gotten around to for a good year now! Arriving around 9am, don't we meet up with one of my sheltie clients Jan, and her 2 friends!She was there last week too ... this is beginning to be a real popular sheltie place ... I hear Kim was there and so was Penny! We grabbed one of the picnic tables, (most of them still wet with dew that needed drying off) and took up residence for close to 2 hours. As the sun came over the steeple of the barn, oh, my was the sun ever nice and warming! I could have sat there all day!
It's already starting to get busy! Marylou and I didn't leave without some of the Hudson's Corn ... the new batch this week is called "Vision". They say with the late corn season we'll be feeding this year up till the end of October! MA & ML picked up some Thai food for lunch, and we headed back to ML's to eat it as the wasps were getting a little pesky by this time. Before leaving, Marylou wanted to show us Harley's frisbee out-takes! This is the 1st shot I captured as he was going out of the frame.

Getting better, but he's further away from me in this shot/throw. There goes Sadie on the 'round-up'!
Much better!!!


Pennylynn September 18, 2009 at 8:00 AM  

Great pics.

what the heck is Ti food? Do you mean Thai? if yes...where in carp do you pick that up, cause Bria and I love that stuff!!!

Shelamo Shelties September 21, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

Yeah, you're right Penny! You must have understood I meant Thai :) Will fix it. I believe the woman is set up in front of the indoor craft barn, where the food court area is. I'll ask MA and/or ML if they know the booth name.



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