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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sept Labour Day Weekend - SO NICE!

We couldn't have asked for a nicer ...warmer, sunny!!! labour day weekend here in Canada's Capital. We've all thought there would be no summer, and although most of it's been cool and raining we've got a touch of it now.
Friday evening we went to our local pub, The Old Mill in Ashton. We enjoyed our dinner on the back balcony, basking in the sun. we've heard that friendly George still comes around, however we've yet to 'meet' him.
Saturday morning we got up bright an early so we could hit the Carp Farmers Market to get some Hudson's Corn as they sell out early. We're having a summer end family BBQ on Sunday, and this is just one of those food items is a must have this time of year. We each had a cob for dinner, just to make sure it was good! Can only describe it as candy-on-a-cob! Ummm, Ummm GOOD.View of the outdoor vendors. That's Mike in the red shirt carrying 2 bakers dozen of corn! There's also an indoor area which is in the building on the left.
This is one of our prime spots for puppy socializing when it opens in the May. No young ones to take this time.
There was a Blood Donor Mobile there also. We exited through one of the far back gates by the curling arena and what do we see ?? x-pens, small shade tents, crates ... dogs?? yes!! So what's going on? We stop and ask and are 1st told 'it is a dog race' ... what do you mean? 'Flyball' ... shucks, just no time to stop; am sure one of our dog's, Shaymus, owned by Lynn Cuthbert must be competing as she's been all over obtaining titles this summer. I'll be anxiously awaiting an email!
Several more stops, a few yard sales and as we head home, at the Ashland Farm there is a horse jumping show. This competition was not that of what the Ian Millar's would be showing in as there was also pony jumping, plus the course had much smaller jumps. BTW we aren't more than 30min from our Captain Canada's home town of Perth! This past winter Jill Hensewood gave a seminar here.
I pulled off to the side of the road and captured a few riders go through the course. A view of the far pony ring and field of horse trailers. Check out the style of these young competitors. Not that I know a whole lot! In my younger years I owned a 1/2 Arabian, retired barrel racer so I only knew what fast, and on-the-spot turns were like.
This looks like good form to me.
Same as these next 2 riders.

Last horse & rider I stay to watch is this grey. Nice check of the line to the jump.
Looks good over this jump.
PS .... Can't wait for the corn feast tonight!


Laureate September 6, 2009 at 8:18 PM  

Must of missed you at the market. We did run into Linda with her new baby "Whistler". We had our boy "Mayer" and the two puppies were traffic stoppers that's for sure. Hudsons corn is the best...enjoy your feast.

Shelamo Shelties September 6, 2009 at 10:42 PM  

Oh, shucks ... I can only imagine all the ooo's and ahhh's your puppies must have gotten! Certainly was a busy place for shelties ... ran into one of my clients and have since heard another one went for the corn too! Also ran into Marg T who shows a collie.
Feast was OH SO GOOD! Next Sat ... hummm likely another feast.


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