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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Years Sept 16th - Our New Home

Sept 16th it will have been three years since we moved into our new home. Our move was prompted after our township amalgamated with the City and the dog-kennel by-laws were not coming together to allow us to do what we wished. It took us close to 4 years to find a township which had good kennel by-laws, a property that was large enough, along with enough frontage ... the list goes on. Luckily, we just had to move 20 mins south and west, thus staying in close proximity for our clients, our family & friends and also our vet.As you can see we had many of our friends & family join in this special day. As much as I dislike knowing another year has gone by, it was also my birthday.
In the yellow apron is my mother's husband Wilf, next behind is husband Mike, then me, my sister Karen, my mother; in front good friends Charlie & Leta and Liz. I think Mary-Anne took this picture as here's another one with her on the far left.
We now had some major tasks ahead of us. Besides painting, changing light fixtures, new h20 system etc .... we had to have a new septic system put in and then revamping the yard/driveway, basement door, carport area, all to accommodate the outdoor kennel area.
This is what a full blown septic looks like before it's covered in soil.
Our blue merle puppy helping with the sanding!
and just having a ball!!!

In an effort to level the ground from the back towards the front/side after the septic was complete, it just seemed one more job kept being added on to the renos.
As we dug down in the carport a new door needed to be put in for proper access to the basement. Further digging down in the carport, the hydro type poles that were there as supports were all rotten, and of course, not at all good for dogs! So we had cemented in poles put in.Here we go again ... more digging & levelling, new additions & stairs, had to be made to the front door entrance. You can see I have a lot of work to do over time to create a decent flower bed.
Finally the digging was done, the gravel was in and hopefully NO more MUD! That Sept through to early November was one of the wettest falls we've had, and it certainly seemed worse when you're trying to dig and move dirt. We're now into early November.
Now it was time to start moving the dog pen panels from the old house. At the new house we were still in the progress of putting in a doggie bathtub, rewiring to handle the heavy duty blowdriers, painting the basement floor and putting in the rubber style baseboards to make cleaning easier.We moved in 'officially' November 10th, TG it didn't rain that day ..... dogs were moved in Nove 11th, in the RAIN!!! ..... and .............

guess what happened November 20th??? It SNOWED!!! The dogs certainly thought this was GRAND!

Many thanks to all who helped us make this move possible. Certainly an added task when having to set up home for not only humans but also dogs.

Our front entrance as it looks today. Still a work in progress.

Are we happy we moved ... you betcha!


Anonymous,  September 18, 2009 at 7:52 PM  

Hi Maureen, 3 yrs in your new place. Congrats. PC's litter with Scout and Mac must have been one of the first in your new place. Scout will be 3 on Oct 24th

Cindy (from Arnprior)

Shelamo Shelties September 23, 2009 at 2:05 PM  

Cindy, if I remember, PC's puppies road to the new house in a basket at my feet the day before we moved the dogs. TG she had a super temperament and was OK with all the move goings on.


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