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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tenting At A Four Day Dog Show - Am I too Old for This?

Hope you're sitting down with a coffee as this post has a lot of photos and stories. Since we had awful early show times at the SD&G dog show this past Fri-Mon Mike & I decided we'd do the camping thing joining up with Penny & her 2 kids. They were able to be a bit higher off the ground & dryer as they had a tent camper ... but hey, a couple of rainy days, a couple of sunny days, we're tough, right ..... not so sure now! We both arrived late on the Thursday, assessed our spots as to where was the best place to set up and got to work unloading. Don't think there was much room left in the van ... it was FULL!

Here's our site as it started to take shape. At least it was warm and not raining! The tent, it was only the 2nd time put up, I did it a year ago, think I remembered how? NO! The instructions say it goes up in minutes .... when does that ever happen? Frustration and exhaustion was setting in getting it up right.
Then you walk down to the washrooms, and see 2 of these motor homes set up and you wonder what you're getting yourself into doing it the tent way.

Friday turned out to be a lovely day, tenting didn't seem too bad. Dinner was always spent together with Penny and her kids, Mike being the chef. Good times were had. Chinook & Rose hanging out together. Chinook waiting patiently on the grooming table.
On Friday coming out of the show ring I run into Pauline (Jack & the 'kids' are there for the agility competition)... her happy face is 'cause she just heard our good show news. You can see the row of vendors and extra grooming tents lining the road.

Jack & Pauline are camping in style too. Their Shelamo "Harmony" is keeping watch out the RV's window.
She is also featured in a silk screen on the back of their RV for every one behind them on the road to view! She's been their 1st super agility dog, now retired.
With the good weather Friday evening we sat around the fire. Penny's Blog talks about how I taught the kids to do marshmallows the RIGHT way .... turn slow in good coals and you'll have a nicely golden brown, gooey treat. They still think Burn, baby Burn is the easier way .... at least they will remember MY way, and just might give it a try next time. Camping in this manner really makes you realize how fast the sun goes down, like around 8pm now!

The rain came late Friday night, drizzled for most of the morning Saturday, but we did get a break late morning with the sun coming out. After we had shown I was able to make it down to the obedience/agility rings to watch Jack & Shelamo Ticket To Success, "Tic", to do their jumpers run. Several newbies realized Jack was a pro at this and were using his expertise for assistance. It's hard to see but his shirt reads "Jack & Harmony" on the top right.
Here's Tic going over one of the jumps. Flat out, in the air!
Tic is SO fast it's hard to follow her and get pictures of her doing the obstacles. Her 1st run was done in 16 sec, with an allowed time of (I think I remember) 40 sec!! She came 1st in her 1st run.

The sun didn't last long ... it started to rain again and did for most of the day. Sunday was much of the same. At least our site had decent drainage. It didn't rain hard, thank god and nor did it rain during our times in the ring. It just came and went all day long.
We showed on Monday at 8:10am, YUCK! At least it wasn't rainy, certainly on the cool side, 6C with everything wet or damp. With Chinook winning BOB & then a Group 4 & BPIG that meant we had to stay to the end to compete for Best Puppy In Show. Take down is happening, items are drying out.
Peter of Pet Supply House is also working at taking down their vendor tent.

This whole road down our site area was FULL of trailers, x-pens, pop-up tents & vehicles .... WOW how fast a show can be vacated.Last item to do, is show in the ring for Best Puppy In Show. Smile Chinook! just one more go around to do and your done for the weekend.


Pennylynn September 2, 2009 at 8:18 AM  

LOL! your soooo funny!

Let us not forget that Bria was the assistant-chef.... and makes a wicked hotdog and can warm up chicken pretty good!!

Thanks for the wine and many laughs with the marshmellow situation. I have to say Bria loves your way.... it's just Ty and I who like the Burn baby Burn!

Bettijane Flanagan September 2, 2009 at 4:46 PM  

Maureen... I love your story..... great reading... we had a similar weekend with the rain at MCA... but we at least were in the hotel to sleep..:) But.... it poured for our Specialty.... Nioma was drenched.... In fact the only day that it was really nice was the day we left....the day we didn't show.... :) I must remember to elaborate more with my pictures.... it is a super way to do it....

Shelamo Shelties September 6, 2009 at 9:46 AM  

Penny, meant to get back to you earlier .. where does time go?? ... youre right, I'd say Bri was a "Master" dog cook!


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