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Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Community Center's Winter Garden Party

The community center where I teach dog obedience held its 17th Annual Winter Garden Party. We had a lovely sunny, above freezing temperature day, all held before everyone rushed home to watch the final Olympic Hockey Game.

Our dog obedience table was constantly busy! Between the 5 shelties we brought and my students that came with big and small dogs, we had all sizes for the kids to learn how to interact properly.
Our table, with a bunch of our shelties x-penned in the corner. We took "Rocky", Mary-Anne brought "Casino" (our blue-eye beauty), "Ruby", MaryLou brought "Rush" and our newest hopeful "Tootsi" went along for socialization.
Our demo began with teaching the kids how to properly approach dogs, the do's and dont's, with many of them getting to practise what they were just taught.We went on to demonstrate to the audience the skills the students have learnt over the last 6 weeks.
There we many other demo tables that gave the community an idea of what classes they can take.
Kids could get Cheek Art done, go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride, toast marshmallows by a fire and take part in a scavenger quiz. There were many great prize draws also.

We also had a small band with guitars, violins & an organ. Requests were encouraged and this young one had a few in mind. I was so impressed with all the dogs on how they handled the band music that was so close, in the same room.Here are the 2 sisters moving to the beat. You had to be there to see the youngest, bobbing in her snowsuit to the tunes.
And then there was "Her Royal Ruby-ness" ....
who spent much of the time on the table getting a birds eye view.
the day was over .... "Rocky" was ready for a snooze while we watched our Olympic Hockey team win GOLD, and the closing ceremonies.


Kav March 4, 2010 at 11:04 AM  

I love all the PR work you do for good dog ownership. (or from the dog's perspective that might be good people ownership! :-) )

Shelamo Shelties March 4, 2010 at 2:35 PM  

Thanks ... guess it's the 'teacher' in me!


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