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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Squirrels In The Spring - Why Barking Dogs?!

Yesterday (same as it is today) is beautiful! Above freezing temps, sunny, just LOVELY ... feeling like spring, altho we know March can go 'out like a lion' and we aren't done with winter yet.

I couldn't figure out why the dogs were barking, down at the back fence in our yard. I finally 'caught' the reason why ...

A red squirrel appeared on our pool's decking ... he sat there eyeing the yard.
He then scurried down the deck onto the snow where there were these long 'holes' ... now what are they? and what is he eating?
It's the bread crusts! Last Saturday, we had prepared over 100 sandwiches for a family funeral get together, cutting off the crusts of the bread and had bagged them to not only make fresh stuffing, but to scatter the rest for the birds & deers. Mike scattered the remaining ones out off our backyard deck, which looks onto the pool and the back end of the dog runs, never thinking the commotion it might cause with the dogs!
The bright sun cast such a glow onto the icy snow crystals that are now forming ... it was like little stars shinning .... So here was this brown squirrel happily gathering and chewing up the crusts, paying no never mind to the dogs barking ... guess they are now used to them.

OOPPPPSSS!!! I've been spotted on the deck!
It's time to high tail it for now ... plus chase another squirrel who was busting in on his 'buffet' dinner.

He'll be back, and I'll know 'cause of the dogs!


Kav March 5, 2010 at 7:15 PM  

LOL. That squirrel was quite brazen. He must have enjoyed teasing the dogs as much as he enjoyed his treats!

And speaking of squirrels -- is there any way to desquirrel a sheltie? All my shelties have had a burning desire to rid the world of those bushy-tailed rodents, but my current fellow takes 'prey-drive' to a whole new level!

Shelamo Shelties March 7, 2010 at 9:05 PM  

He had a (great) job to do, and that's all he was interested in.

In answer to your question, everyone's situation & their dog(s) is different, but if you contact me privately I can give you some advice on yours personally.


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