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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Venting Thursday - Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

I have to vent today, not Friday as we're headed to the Purina Nat'l dog show in Toronto. TG I've got a great 'kennel manager' ... Mary-Anne is indispensable when it comes to weekends like this.

OK... I've vented on Sears, and here we go again! Since the last stove repairs a month ago with 2 new parts we're back to the problems we had in the 1st place, plus 2 more issues. So I've called Customer Service, 3 x now & left mssgs for someone to get back to me, and what do I find out about my last 2 mssgs? AAAHHH, they were sent to the people who would repair the FURNACE! Did no one catch on that something was amiss? Or did it just go to the shredder? So, I now have a "SNR" tech coming Monday to review what the problems are and determine a 'fix'. Here I go again waisting a day 'booked' for a service guy! Funny thing is the problems the last tech had weren't reported ... just that it was 'fixed'! They are on my receipt tho! Now the Sears furnace. Yes we had the 'repairs' done last week, finally since around December when they were 1st discovered, put back in the electronic filter, now only to have mssgs come up on the controls that it needs changing ... AAA??? Does this make sense, nope! So, I call the direct line to the gentleman that was handling this issue ... what do I get, someone else answering this line, for a NEW person! Yep, the previous guy .. that was 2 wks ago folks, is no longer there! Mssg left, have I heard back? Not yet, so I called and left ANOTHER mssg this morning.

We get our Sears bill in, and we have points to claim to get $ certificates. What do we see, almost 90% of our points, evidently have been 'claimed' ??? and by who? not us. So now it's gone 'somewhere' else for this to be checked into. And what does the person say to me at the end .... it will take about a week, and may I suggest if you haven't had a call next week you FOLLOW-UP!!!

I've had several other 'follow-ups' this week on other things .... am still waiting for resolution/call backs. Right now, they are a little bit more minor, just taking up my time, and clouding my brain.

I wonder who's working these days?

Off to show groom my girls .... that should calm my nerves ....


judyf,  March 12, 2010 at 8:24 AM  

Nowadays, it's hard to find someone in a company who's willing to take any kind of responsibility while working in customer service. They try to "pass the buck" and when you attempt to follow up on an issue, you find out that employee has moved to. . . ?? Patience, perseverance, and maybe a touch of humour thrown in. You can deal with this.


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