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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ottawa to Saskatoon - Day 2

Day 2
(Am slowly finding the time to get our Saskatoon CSSA National Trip Blogged)

We' were now on a slower 2 lane highway so making time was more difficult.

Still no pet store to buy the right kind of dog food. Guess Wally Mart is where everyone goes.

We also had plans on making more stops in this area to see some of the sights. The 1st place we stopped was at Munising where there was a water fall that had been created over thousands of years by erosion. We were anticipating a grand water fall. We walked up these criss-crossing boardwalk trails, watching a small creek babble it's way down the hill side.

As we got closer we could hear the waterfall .... still not sounding gigantic like Niagara Falls ...
then we reached the end .... lovely, peaceful area, but nothing tremendous ....

We then followed the road down to the shores of Lake Superior (previous Blog pics) where Mike put his foot in, "Rocky" said .. "huh, NO thanks!". The interesting part was we saw all these prints in the sand. You could tell they went down to the water's edge and then back towards the road and off into the bush that was right there. I think they are deer hooves, but if anyone has another thought please let me know.
We then followed another road which led us to Picture Rocks in Michigan.

A short walk to the cliffs with a specially built look-out and what a view! You look straight down from the look-out and this is what you see.

On the far side you can see even more erosion and a hole in the rock where the water splashes through. You just have to wait for the perfect wave to hit it right and then it gushes thru.

It was now time to get back on the main highway and find a place to eat. There were so many small restaurants, motels and gas bars that had been abandoned it was quite astonishing. Some were obviously old and been abandoned for years ... you could tell by the worn paint, boarded up windows, long grass/shrubs, others appeared to have only recently shutdown. We came across a town called Christmas, and places were certainly open. It was a reserve area with a Native Casino. It was called Kewadin Casino. Interesting note, one place still left at this point right now, smoking is allowed in the restaurant and casino area.

The whole place was decked out in Xmas decor. We had a great lunch bar, all you could eat soup and salad. It was then on down the road to make up time. Our overnite stay was in a small town called Ironwood, which also meant we picked up an hour with the time change.

The one thing we noticed was the lack of dead animals hit by cars at the side of the road. The grass was getting greener, you could spot some of the trees with their leaf buds, and the road was getting flatter and straighter. The worst part, was the coffee! didn't matter if it was hotel room, restaurant or a local gas station, it was all terrible. We were missing our Timmies BIG time, and we still had 2+ days to go. I started switching to tea, at least then I could make it as strong as I wanted to.

Day 2 we put on 584 km, vs 771 km from Day 1.



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