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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saskatoon CSSA National - Day 6-9

Day 6 Thursday (sorry folks got ahead of myself by a day and had to correct some of the info on Day 5, so no you're not reading the post again)

First order of business is my 9:15am appointment to have my nails done. YEAH, get to sit back, relax, and have someone else pamper me. Meanwhile, Mike was at the end of the mall doing laundry.
Decisions, decisions .... how do I want them done?

Just a little 'bling' please.

It's now around noon and we were to meet the National crew, specifically Marge, to help with the set-up of the hall. Mark the Garmin with our destination and off we go. The remainder of the afternoon was spent at the hall. The greeting/eating area needed setting up (a fenced in area, bar tables/stool area with a wooden arch entrance), the ring needed setting up with all the chairs for viewing and other odds and ends. It went fairly quickly with the hands on deck ... Brian Reid the Dir from the Maritimes was there to help also. Once done we worked at unloading and setting up our grooming area. . The 1st part of the show, the Breeder Sweeps was at 6pm and we had 2 dogs entered.

Thursday- the show starts @ 6pm with Breeders Sweep (Puppy, Open & Veteran), judge Larry Ermel.

In preparing Tootsi & Tyme for this show don't I find a TICK! on both of them. 1st time ever I've found them on our dogs. Tyme's was located on the side of her face where dog's have a small set of whiskers. Tottsi, @ just 6mths was still in the moleskin braces & that tick was on the underside of her ear, appearing to still be trying to find a good spot. Both were easily removed and not engorged. I stuck them in a small ziplock to take them in to our vet for identification and Lyme testing, once home.

Tootsi had fun in the ring .... and she christened it! She'd been the easiest one to get to potty, but with the rain and mostly cement parking lot area, she wasn't 'into' going later in the day. At the end of the 'down' on the mat, she promptly stopped and pee'd!!! I was so embarrassed ... it's not like our dogs to have an accident in the ring. OH, well, what can you do .... Brian Reid came to the rescue of being the 'clean-up' person.

Tyme placed 4th in her class of 8 present, and Rocky was 2nd in his class of 4 present.

By the time we finished the show it was late. Not much time to do much, but pack up, X and feed the dogs and call it a night as the Juvenile & Veteran Sweeps, judged by Jo Ann Pavey, would be starting at 8am tomorrow, with the Class dogs for the Conformation show being judged at 1pm, judge by Judy Kelsey.

Zesta shelties were set up beside us. This is a banner done by our good friend Penny Woodruff.

The nights were getting chilly, to the point I wished I'd brought my mittens to walk the dogs.

Friday - a real early start! We were out the door by 6am as the hall opened at 6:30am, so it was a Timmies stop for breakfast again. To get a decent parking spot at the back of the building (a very small lot) arriving early was a must.

We had Tootis entered in the Juvenile Sweeps (9 entries) and Rocky in the Male 10+ Veteran Sweeps. Tootsi got more training :), Rocky was 1st.

We now had a bit of time to visit the Hub KC area, with vendors & silent auction tables. I found some new items to purchase ... a new black & white bling kangaroo lead for one, and Mike spotted a new x-pen made by Precision. It's made of heavier metal than the regular x-pens, has a step over gate ... well, we purchased it to use on the deck for the puppies. No one, but two, so when put together it is huge. The big plus is we can easily put our shade cover over it and it won't cave in with the hanging weight. When the pups are older and still not of age to be kenneled with the adults, they can't push it over either.

Friday - 1pm it's time to start the regular classes & Veterans for the main Conformation show. Tootsi and Rocky needed to be spruced up as they would be shown. Tootsi was in a large class, Rocky placed 2nd in his.

The Executive had a meeting after the show which Mike, being the East Ont/PQ Dir had to attend, and afterwards there were goodies put out. Not too many people stuck around, but for those few of us we had a bite to eat and enjoyed some good conversation.

Back to the hotel, dogs done and into bed, as tomorrow it would be another 6am start.

Saturday - The Specials were all called to the ring to be counted in @ 8am. They then split the females & males into groups for judging. Tyme made the 1st cut in her group of females. This meant I could now sit and enjoy the rest of the judging.

View of the final line-up for BOB competition and the general hall area.

After judging we rushed back to the motel to change as there was our AGM and then the Banquet. That went till 11pm or so.

It was a great meal, and Mike & I had fun running the auction.

Will Blog our last day in Saskatoon and our 3 day trip home in a few days.


Nat May 25, 2010 at 5:37 PM  

Sounds fun! I just watched a Shelamo sheltie run at our last (agility) fun match. Fast little girl, for sure!


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