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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saskatoon - Day 5

Day 5 - Wednesday - Saskatoon here we are and we have a day of 'rest' as the show doesn't begin till Friday.

Now given the sink hole Tyme went into, and the gumbo mud we walked in in Minot, the dogs needed a bath and their travelling crates cleaned out. We got a bit of a sleep in this morn since the grooming shop didn't open till 10 am. We did a Tim Horton's breakfast stop as it was just at the corner, and in we went with the 3 dogs. Tyme got a full bath, the other 2 it was legs, belly & white ruffs. Here's Mike blow drying Tootsi. They got time to run around the shop until clients showed up.Something happened with the pics taken of me with Tyme in the tub ??? hummm guess I'd better show Mike again how to operate the camera :)

I had tried to keep my nails in decent shape as Mike & I were the ones doing the auction at the Banquet ... Mike was the auctioneer and I was going to be Vanna White showing off all the bidding items. Well didn't I have a small 'slice' on one of my nails and it kept getting caught in the dog's fur as I bathed them. When talking to the woman that owned the shop she said "Oh, just next door there is a nail salon, it's a teaching one, so you could get it fixed there for a good price". Well, I thought, get it fixed? why not get them all done, fancy like, a treat me day?! After close to 3 hours of working on the dogs I stopped in to the nail salon and made an appointment for 1st thing Thurs morn.

(I don't have a lot of pictures from here on ... the camera was either in the car, no secure place for it, it wasn't handy ... just too busy to grab it).

We had some more shopping to attend to and by the time we added lunch and dinner to our schedule, doggie time, the day went POOF!

The weather is drab, cool & overcast, rain is certainly in the air. Just great for walking show dogs over the next 3 days.

Each night we've checked in with 'home base'. Mom is handling the dogs & pups during the day, while Mary-Anne heads in to work. MA is home in time to do the evening feeding, go thru my emails & deal with any client requests. Caring for 8 pups that are between 3-5 wks of age, that were now really starting to get active, well there were many questions each night on them. We were hoping to have Internet access at all the Comfort Inn chains, and altho this one did, it was the only one (so far) that you were allowed only 5 mins at a time and had to purchase a 'time card' to pay for time usage. Now that was a new one on us, and to boot, this was the most expensive motel, and I mean by quite a bit. Forget about the continental breakfast from 6-9am served in the small lobby, 'cause if you weren't there by 6:30 am, most of it was gone, including the boiled eggs! Don't they plan? Guess not at this place. Timmies was going to be the stopping place then, as most days we were going to be at the show site for 6:30 am.

Here in Saskatoon the cost of motels/hotels is high, and the vacancy rate is LOW. Traffic around, on and off the Circle Dr (this is a highway that takes you around the city central) seems to always be busy. The roads we travelled had loads of traffic lights, mini malls, business, larger malls, and just generally traffic, traffic and more traffic. Our hotel saw many over-nighters that were 'truckers' ... everything from Tim Horton's transport trucks to these Sperry trucks with the wheels that allow them to go along the railway tracks.

This picture is taken right out our patio door. You can get an idea of the grass areas, or lack there of, for walking the dogs. A little further past these trucks we did have a slightly larger patch. There was more than one, non show person, with their dog staying here and we weren't shy about offering them a poop bag! Saskatoon has a strict leash law & pick-up, guess these folks didn't know ... we weren't going to be held responsible for anyone else's mess!



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