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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Day To Relax

I am behind the 8-ball with keeping current postings since the weekend as it's just been SO busy here.

On Sunday, after the 2 day hustle of the Kingston Dog Show, Mike & I went with friends Marylou & husband Ron to an Artist's garden display just outside of Perth, a very relaxing an enjoyable afternoon .... sunny, not too hot, cloudy at times, just an all round great temp day.

Boarding & Grooming are picking up, which is a good sign I'd say that owners are caring well for their shelties. A change in plans unknown to us, really threw me off yesterday, with the pool people showing up to fix the lining that had come loose. That meant rearranging the dog's out time schedule and organizing the delivery of water to make sure the fix would work.Pool drained, lining being fixed, now it has to be filled to see if it will hold, otherwise an estimated cost of a new liner - $1,000!. It took the fire truck 3 trips, at a cost of $450!!! not what we'd expected, but then what do we know about pools .... this pool stuff is all new to us and we seem to face something going wrong every summer it's opened. Let's just hope this YEAR is a hot one and we get way more use out of it than any of us did last year. Last yr Mike was in it 3x and that was really only to clean it.

Back to the Sunday garden trip ....

The more open garden area with various artists

Ron and Mike checking things out. Some lovely stained glass work.
Ron ... marking down the items Marylou says she needs to come back to determine a possible buy.
tucked away down one of the paths near the refreshment area was a band playingwood art - not my thing but do like the toad stools; there was another artist that had ones also but they were much smaller and very cute

this one I loved ... no price on it, I was scared to even ask!

2 sizes of lambs made out of metal .... these I wanted big time .... however, the price of the large one ???? $1,2000, yes that's one thousand two hundred dollars. They had teenie ones, some not more than 6" high for $16.00, but they'd be overtaken by plants in my garden in no time.

After browsing all the artists, returning for a few buys, Ron & Mike relaxed under the tents in the refreshment area, while Marylou and I browsed the plant sale area. We did come home with some very different hens & chicks that we will split.


Pennylynn @ Ruffleith June 23, 2010 at 7:43 AM  

Those "mushrooms" are just ..... just wrong. Please don't put the "UP" in your garden....


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