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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Shelamo Wins - Agility

Well the emails keep coming in from clients who had successes from this past weekend.

Jack (& Pauline the sideline observer) of Kemptville competed in the Ontario Regional Agility competition with their little tri girl Tic and they qualified with 389 points in the 10" Specials class and are now headed to Calgary for the AAC Nationals the beginning of August. I'm envious, as it will be held at Spruce Meadows, a place I've always wanted to go and watch the horse jumping competitions. Come home with some pics Jack & Pauline!

Here's Tic from last yrs competition here @ our National Equestrian Park. She just RIPS up the course!

This means in one weekend our Shelamo dogs competed in, and came away with super awards in Conformation, Herding, Rally O, and Agility! I'd say we have versatile dogs and VERY dedicated versatile owners .... huge congrats to everyone!


Kav June 2, 2010 at 9:26 AM  

Congratulations everyone!!!! Love the pic of Tic running flat out. Did you see the Purina Dog Champions on television last week? A little sheltie beat out a border collie and won the a paw. And she was a tiny little thing.


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