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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Garden - With Love

Yesterday late afternoon Marylou and I started working on our friend, Mary-Anne's front garden. Last year she had the new walkway put it and did some landscaping, but it needed a boost. Marylou and I bought some perennials at the Carp Market last weekend to help give it a yearly look, dug more up from Marylou's place, all with the intent for less annual care & maintenance. We gated the front walkway allowing for the 2 11+wk old pups, Kodak & Taphee to enjoy a good romp and socialize with all the street noise - like 2 fire trucks & their sirens that went down the main street. We had to move back the cedar mulch, add more compost and peat moss all to give the soil a better quality and to hold the moisture better. We also added newspaper under the cedar mulch to help keep weeds at bay. Between us we remembered all the 'to do's' we'd discussed previously.
At lot of digging, turning over soil and deciding what was going to go where. MaryAnne's girlfriend Gail popped by and we sent her over to the local store to pick up some annuals to add constant colour.
Pups and Tim Hortons go good! Kodak supervising our efforts.In several places, especially under the tree area we put in water bottles - ends cut off, cap off - helps to get the water right to the roots rather than draining off. MA take note - a short sprinkle watering doesn't do it here!
Another Kodak pic ... can't help it! Such a sweet face.

I rummaged through her house to find a few things to add to the garden. We used the 'tree trunk' pot, putting some portulaca in to spill out as they explode in colour. The Cow Welcome, that was for fun and I've heard it will be retiring to the basement :) Gotta find something else MA to add a whimsical look to the garden.
Finally, after clean-up a 3.5 hours job is done. Looking pretty fine to me :) We had FUN doing it and can't wait to see it grow and produce the blooms we hope for. Know the neighbours were impressed!


Kav June 12, 2010 at 1:32 PM  

Sheltie puppies and gardening tips -- an excellent combination for a blog! And thanks for the water tip -- I'd never heard of that and though we're have plenty of rain these days, it will certainly make a difference in a drought!

I love Kodak's sweet little face too. it looks like he was planning an escape though. He has crafty eyes!

Shelamo Shelties June 12, 2010 at 2:07 PM  

We've had decent rain this past wk but under that Maple tree it was bone dry! and even the garden nearer the driveway 'cause of the tree over hang. Glad you like the garden tip, you can also use soup cans with holes punched in the bottom. One key is is to keep them near the plant's roots. Think we put in 4 or 5 into that tree base - the hostas will grow and cover them up in due time.


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