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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Deer Oh Deer

Was headed out yesterday morning around 9am to take Mike's car into town for servicing, and I no sooner pull out of the driveway, a few hundred yards down and doesn't a doe walk across the road. I slowed down to where she went into the bush, at the same time scrambling to turn on my camera, put down the passenger window, hoping she didn't go too far in. I'm trying to go slow, not to spook her, hold the camera up, find the zoom ... no such luck .. here's the 1st shot ...

Crop out the extras, enlarge the pic and you can see she's eye balling me ...
then she walked a little deeper into the bush, nibbled a few leaves and took one last look at me before she headed into deeper brush.

It must be about 2 weeks ago now, just about at the same place, a doe & her new born crossed the road not too far in front of me ... shucks, I didn't have my camera! Next time I'll remember to have it on and ready ... we are very well treed in and you have to be spot on time wise to capture the hidden wild life that surrounds us.



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