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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let Sleeping Pups Sleep

How time flies! Tyme's 2 boys are 5 wks now. We just got home from a day at the dog show and it was time for everyone to have their supper. The pups got fed 1st, then on to the main crew, then let everyone out for potties & playtime. When I came back up the 2 pups were resting on the 'hump' to their potty area.
Grabbed the camera from the show bag and captured this darling pic of the two of them. Their heads popped up after the 1st couple of clicks, but then .... slowly .... they started to fade ...
and then in slow motion the puppy on the right in this photo, just 'fell' over.
A few more camera clicks that nudged their brains ... then that was IT! Sound asleep.
Well, guess I'd better run, dinner is on the table for us .... OH, I will get pics of our "Secret" soon, for those that are keeping an eye on her.



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