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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shelamo's Hidden Secret

On Sunday our Sibelle presented us with a little 'Secret' she'd been hiding away ... a little girl! She had been bred at the same time as our Tyme, but never showed signs of being preggers. She never went off her food, never burried her food, nothing! I am usually pretty good at palpating the girls, but Sibelle must have been carrying this pup high up under her rib cage. There were days I'd think I could feel 'something', others, nope maybe not. She was moved up to our "Canine Suite" just to make sure ... and sure enough she was!

What a little might, all of 6.3oz!

Here she is snuggled in with her 2 1/2 brothers that are 2 weeks older. It is hard to believe just how fast these little munch-kins put on weight.



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