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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dog Shows - A Good and A Not So Good Day

It was a nice day showing at the Lombardy Dog Show, weather was just awesome, NO rain. The bad news was our young girl "Chinook" had to be pulled. When I took her for a potty break just before ring time she wasn't moving right on her right side ... humm ... what's going on? 3 different handlers were around watching her .. it's her right front, no it's her right rear, no it looks like it's her whole right side ... all we knew was once she was moved out it wasn't right. What/when did this occur?? We can only surmise something happened while out this morning. Because she was carried down to the van, carried out to the show xpen, picked up and groomed on the table, thus never saw her actually moving, and at no time did she seem to have problems jumping up on the xpen to say hi to people, we never noticed anything till her potty break. So, we had to pull her. Luckily one of the sheltie breeders showing is a vet so I had her look at her and it seems she's pulled the muscle that runs from her front shoulder through to her middle back. So, crate rest tonite, some anti inflammatory/pain meds and we will see how she is tomorrow. One just never knows what these darn puppies can throw at you!

The GREAT part of the day .... can't let the cat out of the bag yet ....



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