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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swing Bridge At Smiths Falls on Route to the Kingston Show

Starting at our Nation's Capital, Ottawa, you can travel 200 km of waterway/canals that take you to Lake Ontario. Through this waterway you have to navigate 9 different lock systems. One is located just 15 mins south of us in Smiths Falls.

On our way down to the Kingston show today didn't we hit the bridge just as it was opening.

So what do you do while you have to wait? Get out and take pictures!here the roadway has almost swung all the way openOne by one the boats come in. Today there were 3 of them.
They move up into the next set of lifts.Then, by hand on either side, two people start cranking the doors shut.

This is what they look like once closed. They will now open the next lock and slowly allow water in to raise the level where the boats can move on to the next one. I'm not sure whether there is just one or two locks the boats have to go through at this point.
It took about 7 minutes from the time the road was closed, the 3 boats were through and it was swung back in place for car travel.



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