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Monday, July 20, 2009

More Shelamo Dogs Earn Titles

This just in ....

Shelamo Dogs, Gryphon owned by Linda Howie, and Panda owned by Kate Freeman had a great day at Dogz Canine Sport Centre in Ottawa on Sunday.

Panda, the tri, now 11/2 yrs of age, was entered in 2 Masters events, qualified in both, with a first and "Best Run" for veterans in Snookers (50 pts) and came 2nd in Jumpers with a time of 39 seconds, almost 30 seconds under the time allowed!!! He just needs one more Jumpers Q to earn his "Expert" title. Gryphon, at 81/2 yrs of age, the sable, qualified with a first and "Best Run" for Specials in standard and had a qualifying run in the Steeplechase, both well under time. He earned 53 pts in his gamble run and was just a flick away from qualifying in the final gamble.

Now, I get lost in all these agility possibilities, but having been to the recent Regionals in Ottawa, it takes a lot of dedication, training and a love of the sport to go this far. Thanks Linda for passing on the info and the pic of these two boys!



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