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Monday, August 3, 2009

Agility National Competition on Saturday

The sun was out, fluffy clouds, and LOADS of spectators gathered to watch 6 rings on the go for the National Agility competition. Owners & their dogs came by car or plane from all over Canada. One group drove from Alberta because her one dog, a rescue, has separation anxiety so she can't fly the dog (our local Citizen newspaper had quite an article about this event) Saturday I headed over to the Agility competition again with friends Mary-Anne & Marylou, meeting up with Jack & Pauline, owners of Tic @ just 2 yrs of age, who was competing for the 1st time in this special event. Besides shopping, again! just bought a pair of socks with sheep/herding on them and 3 more charms (BPIS, Am/Cdn CH, AOM) for my bracelet, we spent most of the day sitting in what shaded areas we could find, or creating them with umbrellas, watching the runs of the 2 competitions Jack was in with Tic. We also met up with friend Kate Freeman (who owns Panda) and old time obedience friend Marilyn Fraser (trained with her with my 1st dog back in the 70's) with her girl Cricket.
Tic (and Jack) taking advantage of some down time in the shade.

There were some 140 runs in the Gamblers competition. Some owners might have had 2 or 3 dogs entered. Here is the group walking the course and being given instructions by the judge (back turned in the foreground with the white top & hat). Teresa Kroeker from Toronto with her girl Taari. She's doing what is called a back cross over.
Tic coming down the A frame. She hasn't fully learnt yet to NOT fly off these contact jumps.

And then, off the A frame she heads out over the 1st jump in what's called the Mini Gamble. Run Jack, RUN! Everyone, trying to keep cool! Super day for this event.

Sunday the competition continued, although the black clouds rolled in on two different occasions, the last one late afternoon with pouring rain, thunder & lightening.

If any non sheltie-owned person is reading this, agility is for any dog, any age, any one's ability. There were young kids, maybe 13 or so, and women in their 80's. It is a fun, rewarding, bonding time with your dog. You don't have to compete in events like this to enjoy the experience.

An email in from Linda Howie with Gryphon, they placed 5th & 3rd in his 2 jumpers today. Way to go, you two make an awesome team!

Monday, the sun came back out, LOVELY day and for us it was a catch-up day here, removing dead coat from our girls that have had litters, pups got to play outside without fear of rain, and the fun stuff, laundry, vaccuming, and some TV watching.



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