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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smiths Falls Dog Days Of Summer

15 mins south of us is a town called Smiths Falls and every Saturday from late spring to early fall there is a Farmer's Market, and today they had a special day for dogs. This was the 1st year for it, with donations going to the local LAWS animal rescue group. Every dog was given a bandanna ... blue for boys, pink for girls ... with a # on it. These were so the 'judges' could do the 'marking'. We started out at the market on a dog parade, followed the main street a few blocks, stopped in for a 'rest' at the Tea Room and then headed back to the market. All the dogs were well behaved. We had Pugs, to Dobs to GSD ... we took our Rocky and his granddaughter Chinook.
Ending at the Farmer's Market where there were 'prizes' given out ... we won for the best "Look-A-Likes". There was also 3 draws for a $10 Pet Value gift certificate .. YEAH!! we won that too.

Rocky & Chinook sporting their 'tags'.



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