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Monday, August 3, 2009

August Long Weekend - Finally SUN!

As the radio & TV state ENJOY this one folks!! as it's the 1st generously hot & sunny days with little rain, compared to the last month's breaking record. the meteorologists are saying wee might not have any more days like this, this summer.

Thursday, was the start of the Agility Nationals here in Ottawa. I wandered over (or should I say drove over as it's about 40 mins from the house) with my girl friend Marylou to watch the opening runs and generally the set-up to get a feel for parking, food/drinks, shade & OH, vendors. Most start their competitive runs on Friday. The many vendors were mostly set-up BUT, more in-coming! Hide the wallet, cheque book & VISA Maureen!!! Didn't work ... I did buy a cute paw ring.

Massive tents, massive grounds (you only see 2 of the 6 rings) for this HUGE event, bringing in competitors from all across Canada.



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